You, me and Storie Invisibili


I don’t know how you discovered my blog, but I can tell you you made the right choice to click on that link or to be sent here by that post!

If this is not the first time you read these words, probably you already know everything about my blog, there’s not so much to know however. If instead this is the first time you end up here, concentrate, it’s an important moment. No. Don’t scroll down to check how long the page is, I can tell you myself it’s quite long. And yes. There are pictures in sequence a bit below, but it’s worthless you look at them now as you don’t know what they are about. You’ll have plenty of time to watch them within few minutes. Now you should answer a question. If you’re in a rush, close everything up and come back when you have time.

Still here? Great! Remove your hand from the mouse or your finger from the touchpad. Lift up the head from the palm of your left hand. Just relax. Reflect for a moment. Maybe you’ve already forgotten how you found StorieInvisibili, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you’re here and, above all, why. That’s the question you should answer. Why are you here in StorieInvisibili?

Surely you’re not here by chance. You badly wanted to be here or you just bumped into it, but without a doubt you didn’t find this blog while you were googling the “risotto with trevisan radicchio ”. Maybe you’re here because you know me, or because you were intrigued by that picture on Facebook, or because you read one of my articles. Maybe you heard about this blog, or maybe there are other reasons. But that’s not the point. Those aren’t answers to why you’re in StorieInvisibili, they just tell how.

What you should ask yourself is then what you’re looking for, here. What your expectations are. What you’d like to have in return. What you want StorieInvisibili is for you.

Maybe you already know something about me..who I am what I do and why. Or maybe not.

I’m Francesco, born in Jesi in 1987. I’ve always thought to be a Jack of all trades. But at a certain point this idea has started to weight on me, because the fact to get by in every circumstance has his cons: effectively it means there’s nothing you’re particularly good at. But actually there was something, and I knew it: travelling. I’ve had the chance to travel since I was a child and, particularly in these last years, I’ve been understanding that for me this isn’t just an hobby or a simple amusement. Travelling is an essential part of me and my life. It’s hard to define exactly what it means to be good at travelling. But what I think is that among all of the activities that a human being could do, everybody has something special to give for some, just a few, of these activities. For me, travelling is one of them.

Someone describes me as a traveler. For sure I’ve travelled a bit…take a look at my pictures and guess, if you want, where I’ve been.

Questo slideshow richiede JavaScript.

Now a new adventure is waiting for me. A new travel.

Finally you realized what you can find in StorieInvisibili. I’ll talk about travel. But you had already understood or guessed it, hadn’t you? If it’s so, you weren’t wrong.

But there’s something more. There’s a project. And the name of this project is StorieInvisibili, just like the blog. Maybe you didn’t know that.

StorieInvisibili will support the travel, basis from which two fundamental concepts arise. Sustaninability and rediscovery.

I hope you have the will to know what’s the philosophy beneath this travel and why I decided to talk about it in this blog, so I invite you to open the links above and find out more about it.

During the journey I’ll write a Travel journal, as you can see on the lateral menu. Here you find a report of my adventure. I can’t tell you exactly what you’ll read in this section because I don’t know it myself yet. The idea is to tell day by day what I’ll consider more interesting, and I hope you’ll find it interesting as well. Obviously it can’t be left a part dedicated to images: the Gallery will show you my path.

You also find other sections. In Storie Invisibili there are the stories of the places I visit, through the words of who lives in those lands. In Pappamondo I try to let you taste other cultures with the typical recipes of those places. Then there is Sustainability along the way, where I’d like you to manage to understand that the too much abused concept of sustainability is something that’s truly possible to turn into reality, everywhere, without any effort and still with comforts, achieving a favorable, convenient and satisfying result for your own experience and for the footprints left in those places you visited. Costs is a section you could find useful if you’re planning to go in the same regions. Equipment is potentially helpful for everybody who will undertake a travel. In My friends you can find those organizations, institutions and other subjects that accompany and support me and my trip in different ways. In the end you find all the Contacts to communicate with me. Obviously you have the possibility to comment and share what you find interesting. I’d really like you’ll do it actually because, like a travel, exchange is confrontation and development.

Now that you started to be familiar with StorieInvisibili and you know what you can find and how, maybe you could answer that question. Why are you here? What do you want this place is for you?

If you read till here but you lost your patience I thank you anyway. See you next time!

Instead, if you didn’t get bored yet, I can tell you what you should look for in StorieInvisibili is a participation in my adventure, in far places and cultures, geographically and not only, in countries whose places’ names are sometimes unknown and often unpronounceable, to travel along this epic itinerary in the cheapest and fastest but not less true way. With your imagination.

I’ll try with all my efforts to not disappoint you and to let you make your first step, or the thousandth, on your way to the awareness of the great powers and the big responsibilities a travel requires for the traveller.

This is a long path, both for me and for you. But, as the wise says, “even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Let’s go.

Translated by Giuditta Gubbi


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