Sustainability along the way

Since I started thinking about this travel, I’ve decided to base it on the concept of sustainability, so on the attention to the safeguard of natural environment and cultural identities, and to an economic and social wealth for the visited places and communities. In this section, I’d like to reflect on how, in a travel, sustainability could be not only a nice concept, but a possible practice, for everyone, everywhere, with no efforts, without too much preparation, without the need to give the standard of comforts up. And sustainability is not only possible, but even advantageous, both for the visited places and communities, and for the traveler him/herself, in terms of a deeper more satisfying more interesting and in general better travel experience.

1. Before departure – good intentions
2. Through the Russian fields
3. The longest railway in the world
4. The Great Baikal Trail

Translated by Giuditta Gubbi



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