The journey

From Moscow to Kathmandu.

Over 20.000 km crossing Залесье (Zales’e) and Сибирь (Siberia) in Russia on the trains of the most famous railway, the Trans-Siberian, the immense steppes to be explored riding on a horse and the Gobi desolated lands in Mongolia, the main cities of age-old China, the most sacred Buddhist sites and the mountaineering routes within the legendary Himalayan plateau between remote Tibet, or Xizang, and Nepal, up to the historical Kathmandu valley and the gates of the jungle.

journey map

On July 10th I leave from Rome Fiumicino airport towards Moscow where I land, following a short stopover in Berlin, the same night.

The indispensableness of the visa to enter each of the Country I visit (Russia, Mongolia, China and Nepal) and the difficulty to apply for – and get – a visa with a validity longer than 30 days for some of them (Mongolia and China), in addition to various logistical reasons, made me sketch an itinerary which includes 20 days in Russia, 30 days in Mongolia, 30 days in China (of which 19 in Tibet) and 47 days in Nepal.

On November 11th I get on the plane that brings me from Kathmandu back to Italy, Milan Malpensa airport, following a stopover in Doha.

Aside from departure and return flights dates, aside from the number of days to spend in each Country, the rest is all to be discovered!

Translated by Giuditta Gubbi


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